The choice of a name usually suggests something great which belongs to the past. This is why we called the firm Magna Graecia.

The Greeks developed efficient techniques of viticulture, fostering the cultivation of the vine and the production of wine, making it an integral part of the cultures and of the rites of all the peoples in Europe.

Calabria used to be part of an area called Magna Graecia, so using this name is a way of unifying similar cultures and passions. No other name could be more appropriate).

A fabulous tangle of cultures

Magna Graecia a young farm

Thanks to a family passion handed down for 4 generations, MAGNA GRAECIA winery was created in 2008. This passion moves from careful and rigorous accuracy of every single process, from the selection of the grapes to the conservation of the single bottles.

Vincenzo Granata put his ideas, his culture and strategy on paper while he was still at university in order to bring prestige back to a job and before that to a lifestyle which has made the Granata family an integral part of a small mountain village.


The winery is the town of Spezzano della Sila and in the lower part there are old vineyards which have been recovered and made more and more productive.
The firm has studied different techniques of vinification in order to repropose to the modern consumer the local vines, history, typicality and love for their territory, using old methods supported by modern technologies.
The production is divided in two collections: Gaudio in honour of the place where the vineyards are and Baroné in honour of our nickname given to us, like to most families in small villages.


Magna Graecia sostiene la cultura e il buon senso del bere responsabilmente.

Bere per ricordare le gioie della vita esaltando l'amore, la famiglia e lo stare insieme.