Company Reports

We believe:

  • That our products will / should enrich people’s lives by improving their human relations;
  • That the quality in our products is the basis of our success;
  • That our staff, family members and not, are the most valuable assets of our company;
  • That financial performance is a duty to perform, without ever considering it a final limit but only a very short finish line, already, passed;

The values that guide us are:

  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Ethics and Morality as conductors of all our relationships
  • Innovation combined with the established tradition of the processes
  • Social responsibility towards all communities and institutions 

These beliefs and values drive our business strategy, our corporate behavior and our human relationships with suppliers, consumers, communities and any other entity.


Magna Graecia sostiene la cultura e il buon senso del bere responsabilmente.

Bere per ricordare le gioie della vita esaltando l'amore, la famiglia e lo stare insieme.